the pain is gone!

Dear Chi:

As a medical professional, I feel compelled to write to you to tell you how much I have benefited from your Pilates classes.

For quite some time, I have suffered from meralgia parasthetica. Since beginning my workouts with you, the pain is gone! I was unable to even touch my outer thigh on the left side due to pain. Now I have no pain whatsoever.

I have also gained a new body since beginning Pilates. My stomach is flatter, my clothes are loose and I feel so much better about my appearance.

The best part of coming to your studio has been your personal attention during the workout. Because of my medical background, I appreciate your in depth knowledge of body mechanics. Your attention to detail during a workout and your work ethic help motivate me to do the best I can.

Chi, I cannot thank you enough for what the Chi Balance Center has done for me. I look forward to my next session.


Dr. Joanne H.

… solved my problems

Dear Chi:

After suffering with lower back pain for many years, I believe you have solved my problems. Except for some minor stiffness, my back problems are gone.

I attribute this to Pilates, but more importantly to your talent and dedication as a professional instructor and your overall knowledge of holistic health.

I actually look forward to my weekly Pilates sessions because I find it relaxing as well as physically beneficial. The fact that you offer chiropractic and massage therapy completed the overall experience and benefit of the Chi Balance Center.

Once again, thanks for all your help and dedication. I wish you continued success.

Yours truly,

Frank M.
Doylestown, PA

87 years young

Dear Chi,

When I was first introduced to Chi Balance Center I had pains in my lower back, my legs were weak, I was walking leaning over and my arms were weak. After Several treatments with Pilates and Therapeutic Massage, I find that my legs are stronger, my body has trimmed down and my arms are stronger and I have lost weight. Thank You Chi for giving me your personal time, during my visits to the Chi Balance Center. When I first walked in I was an old 87, now I am a young 87 years old.

Thank You

Bernard L.
87 years young

I am so fortunate …

I am so fortunate that I was referred to Chi Balance Center by a friend. When I first walked through the doors, I was unable to stand for more than five minutes or bend over to pick something up. After receiving Chi’s Magical massage therapy and one on one pilates, along with her continued recommendations and multi-therapy approach with acupuncture and Chiropractic, I longer need pain medication and feel ten years younger! Chi has a desire to help her clients decrease services as they improve and that’s what makes her so trustworthy. Chi and her team are second to none in helping increase my strength and feel as good as possible!

Maureen Smith Laughead
First Grade Teacher